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We are an enthusiastic, dynamic team jumping into the world of web design. We know that the success of a business depends on its website. With modern technologies, SEO and online marketing advices, our goal is to help our customers reaching their dreams. Our team is able to provide new, modern and up-to-date web development for those who would like to have a new website as well as for those who would like to modernize their previous webpage to fit the current needs of customers. In the future the online presence will be crucial so it is very important now to invest into web development, web design, SEO and recognize the potential of modern websites.


founder, project manager, online marketing consultant

I have studied Economist in Business Administration and Management at Corvinus University of Budapest, now I study Business Informatics Engineer also at CUB. First time when I got in touch with informatics was at my workplace by a Hungarian commercial bank where I worked as a junior IT project manager. I started to manage social media sites (Facebook, Instagram) during my years on student organizations named European Youth Association. In my opinion it is one of the most important things during the whole web-development to maintain genuine value process for our customers which is feasible with a youthful but precise team.
Sitetailors: Norbi


founder, SEO consultant, developer

I studied Business Informatics at Corvinus University of Budapest, where I started to deal with web development and related business areas. During my studies, I obtained experience in sales and financial accounting as well, where I mostly dealt with continuous process improvement and automation. I always try to figure out the best solution matched with customers’ needs. In case of SEO, I prefer continuous improvement and maintenance instead of delayed perfection.
Sitetailors: Balázs


founder, full stack developer

I am an IT engineer, with fresh degree, great enthusiasm, vigor, and many years of website development experience, I strive to conquer the world. I am interested in modern, new technologies, and I use them during development. I primarily deal with backend development, i.e. with the part of a website that is not visible, but it ensures that the operation of website suits the dream of the owner.I want to create value, which is equivalent to a precisely designed, quality website. I am working on developing websites accordingly.
Sitetailors: Gergő


founder, front-end developer

I am a frontend developer at the company. Frontend is basically everything you see on a webpage, when you browse through the content. The structure of the pages, the design setup, the animations and styling is all part of my job. The more websites we create the more I realize that everything is possible. Even for the craziest ideas there is a solution. Do you want a simple line below the links? Not a problem. Would you like the link to float in from the side while a video is playing where dogs do funny faces. I mean, i would probably look funny as well, but I can do it. There is no unsolvable task, only the deadline can stop creativity.


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